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Determining The Cost of a New or Replacement Roof for Your Woodbridge Home

We understand that cost is an important consideration for every home construction project, and a new or replacement roof is unquestionably a major undertaking. From square footage, to roof pitch, to the quality of materials there are a wide array of variables that go into estimating the price of new roof which means the prices can vary. While every roofing project is unique, here are a few considerations that might affect the cost of building or replacing the perfect roof for your home.

Roofing Style and Construction – How Price is Affected

From the pitch or steepness of your roof, to the number of individual planes or sides your roof will need, to any additional or special architectural features of your roof that can add a great deal of real and aesthetic value to your home, the simple physical demands of your roof’s construction is typically a major determiner of your roof’s cost. The larger the roof and the more intricate its design, the higher the rate will be, however the value of a roof that has been artfully designed to be specific to your home and property can be significant.

Type of Shingles and Other Roof Materials Used

The cost of materials used to build your roof will also be a major factor in the overall estimate of your roof. The type of shingles or roof covering you select are an especially important part of this cost, though the type of shingle used also has a significant impact on your roof’s longevity and your overall costs for maintenance, repairs, and roof replacements over the life of your home. Higher upfront cost for premium options such as architectural shingles or cedar shake shingle roofs can reduce your long-term costs significantly with more durable and longer lasting roofs.

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Roof Warranties and Repair Costs

Finally, the type and duration of your roof’s warranty will play a part in determining the up-front cost of your new Woodbridge roof. Keeping your roof properly maintained and repaired can greatly increase its longevity, and regular inspections and upkeep will also reduce the likelihood that you’ll be facing major repairs down the line. Taking long-term maintenance and repair fees into consideration when determining your roof’s style and materials is important, and should also factor into your warranty consideration.

Whatever your budget, and whatever type of roof you’re after, our team can help you consider your options and design a roof that’s right for you and your Woodbridge-area home. For more information or to start the process of developing a detailed estimate, please reach out and contact us today.

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